Wisconsin Drum Lesson Providers

Many kids love playing their instruments. For many it is a way for them to express their natural talents and special musical skills that they have learned over the years. For every single one of them however, they all started with their lessons.

Now below I will list some of the best areas in the Wisconsin area where drumming lessons are offered. There are many vast areas in Wisconsin, but few stand alone as top lesson providers in the Wisconsin area.

So lets start with our first musical company in Musika. Musika is a nationally known musical company that prides themselves in their specific lessons in pretty much every musical instrument. They have offices all over Wisconsin, and feature two “hot spots” in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Dells. They offer options of either coming to your house for lessons, or allowing you to attend their personal studios for lessons. They offer a few varieties of teachers, and offer a very clean cut program. They allow you to begin at whatever age you want. So you can start as a youngster, or even fulfill that dream of becoming a rock star like you did when you were a kid. Now the rock star part is not guaranteed, but they offer all hands-on lessons, with nothing but your teacher and yourself working towards your personal musical progress as a student. They also have easy sign-up plans, with no sign-up fees and offer special payment plans for families who cannot necessarily meet the required charges of the lessons. With their experience you know they are one of the best around, and make a great choice for you and your future drum lessons.

Another very quality drum lesson place in the Northern Wisconsin area would have to be SSE music in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Now they have been around for awhile now as well, and they are known as “the last three letters in La Crosse.” Now they offer a variety of unique lessons as well, and have a special drum teacher for your kids, or even you, as an adult, available for lessons at many times. They also offer the option of coming to your personal home, or even taking lessons at their store. Now they also offer a very vast musical store, where you can find many different musical instruments, different music sheets and books, as well as special tune-up areas and even practice musical equipment that you can try out. Now if you cannot meet the charges as well, they do offer a payment plan, and even allow you to rent instruments from their store, at pretty much unbeatable prices. There drums lessons will run you around $50 per month and last a half hour each lesson. Their teacher was born in Wisconsin as well, so he is pretty much home-grown talent, and he can help you on your way to becoming a successful drummer.

For our final area we head back to Milwaukee, for a very unique studio, specifically designed for a drummer, or even aspiring drummer. This place is called John Ruka’s studio. Now this may be a small company, but it is definitely top of the line when it comes to quality lessons, and quality drumming opportunities. Being a drum studio, you know they have one focus, and that is to get you to become the drummer you have always wanted to be with very timely and great teaching lessons. John has taught many onto successful drumming life styles and can help you be as great as you can strive to be. You have to be committed to take on the challenges of being a drummer. Now John’s classes may not be the best for beginners, but if you have a mind set of becoming a champion drummer, and widely known, then John is definitely the guy to count on for your drumming lessons. His lessons are pretty intense, but remain fun and have a very positive attitude at all times. He is available for private lessons at different times, but he does have a very busy schedule, so you want to sign-up before he fills up.

So there you have it, a few areas in Wisconsin that can help you carry out your drumming lessons, new or old, your always welcomed at each of these fine establishments and these high-class teachers as well. So the next time your rolling through these Wisconsin areas, and you see that drum shop, stop in and take some time to talk to them about their special musical and drumming lessons they have to offer at the time.