If you are going to purchase your very first drums, or if you are going to purchase a kids drum set as a gift for a child, then you also have to know about the different kinds of wood that are used to construct a drum set. You will have to be aware of these kinds of materials for construction for a drum set because each of these materials will deliver different kinds of results whenever you play a musical instrument, such as a drum set. And knowing all of these wood materials and their effects on playing the drums is important because if you keep in mind these different materials and their effects, then you will be in a better position to buy the best kind of drum set. So here are a few different kinds of wood that are used to construct drum sets.


One type of wood use for drums is birch. Birch is a hard and tough kind of wood. And its relative inflexibility makes it produce a relatively bright and clear sound. It also produces very loud and crisp tones that are perfect for recording studios. When you play the drums that are made out of birch, you will find that they will produce very distinct highs and lows.


Similar to birch, Mahogany is another type of wood that produces a very distinct low sound when used to manufacture drums. A drum made out of mahogany produces a very low pitched sound that is described by listeners as sound like an old drum set. If you are concerned about choosing a drum set that sounds like a vintage one, you may want to pick a drum set that is made out of mahogany to get that distinctive low-end sound.

Maple and Falkata

One of the most widely used woods for drum construction is Maple. Maple is a readily accessible material that is used a lot in drum set construction because it produces such a balanced sound. You will be able to produce some very warm tones when you play the drums that are made out of maple. And if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Maple drum sets, then you may want to consider getting drums made out of Falkata wood. These types of drums are often cheaper than birch wood drums but are also priced at a much lower cost.

Other woods

Other types of woods that drums are made out of include, poplar, oak, poplar and much more. However, those previous wood materials are the most common ones, and you should consider the sounds that these woods produce when you are going to pick out a drum set. Even when you are picking out a kids drum set, you will still need to consider these various materials too. Since the wood that a drum set is made out of can affect how much it costs. If you want to get the best drum set around, consider your preferences and choose the appropriate kind of wooden drum set to purchase.