In order to purchase a drum kit and get the type of drum you are seeking you should know a little bit about the kinds of things a drum is made of and the differences between them in relation to sound and quality.

The choice of material in the construction of drums tends to be wood. There is really no other reason except that wood apparently is the best material for sound as it gives a more pleasant tone than other materials such as plastic or metal.

It is said that the harder the wood the better the sound simply because the more dense and harder the material the more evenly it will vibrate and create even tones when struck. Although the wood should be hard it must also be easy to work with, which means it must be bendable and have a long, straight, tight grain with few knots. Some of the woods that have these qualities are Mahogany or Lauan, Poplar, Birch, Maple, Ash and Beech. There are also forms of exotic woods throughout the world that can be used but he cost is much greater in acquiring drum kits containing these.

The most popular of these woods is Lauan, Maple and Birch. Lauren is the least attractive and softest of these woods and therefore the least expensive and often used in lower end or less expensive drum kits. The higher end drum kits or more expensive and better quality usually contain Maple or Birch. They both look attractive as they both have a natural finish as well as and sound great although they do have different tones.

The other important part of a drum kit are the hoops, this mechanism is what holds your drumhead in place and also plays an important role in the sound and tone to get from the drum. The hoops allow the drum head to sit better on the edge of the of the drum producing a very resonate tone.

Just like with the shell of the drum there are many different materials used for drum heads such as animal skin and different kinds of plastics which will produce different sounds and tones. Every drumhead will sound different on the drums and can be changed to suit the sound you want. One way to decide what type of drum head you require is to consider the size of the drum, style of drum, what type of wood the drum is made of, the sticks being used on the drum and the sound you want to achieve.

Drum kits in general should be put together with the proper type of wood, hoops and drum head as well as any finishing products required.These products when assembled should produce the type of sound you specified that you required or wanted before purchasing the drum kit. Simply because the combinations of these materials when put together do produce different vibrations and therefore different sounds and tones. You can find great drum sets for kids reviews.