Where to Find Private Drum Lessons in Jefferson County, TN

Everyone wants to be the best, but how do you achieve that in an instrumental setting? The answer to this question is by taking private lessons. There are many ways to go about finding someone to give private lessons, but I am going to highlight some of the top Percussion instructors in the area. There are different things to consider when looking for a private instructor, but the most important is the level at which you currently are playing. For this reason, I will separate instructors into 3 categories.

The first category is instructors for students at a beginning level. These instructors are typically younger, but very accomplished percussionists themselves. Advanced High school students and college students as well as your very own band director are the best places to find these instructors. In Jefferson County, we are privileged to have access to the Carson Newman Music Department with their fine musicians. The percussion ensemble director is Jeff Grobski and he can be reached at 865-471-3518. My advice would be to contact him to ask for recommendations on who would be good to give lessons. You can also contact Pete Rogers at Jefferson County High School and ask if he has any students that would be good instructors.

The next category is those students that are playing at an intermediate level. This would typically include older middle schoolers and younger high schoolers. The students would definitely benefit from having an older, more experienced instructor. Some of these would include Graduate Students. Again, you could contact Jeff Grobski at Carson Newman College for names of some of these students. Another place to go would be to contact Keith Brown, a professor of Percussion at UT, at 974-5927 or Mark Douglass, professor of percussion at UT, at 974-4882. Pete Roger, the director of the JCHS band also gives percussion lessons.

The last category is reserved for students playing at an advanced level. In this case, these students would need to find upper level graduate students or Professors of percussion for their lessons. For these lessons, a student may have to actually try out to become a student of one of these people or be well known for their capabilities. In these instances, Mark Douglass, Keith Brown, or Jeff Grobski would again be the people to contact.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions about how to find private lessons in Jefferson County, TN. Just remember, music is in everyone, it just takes practice to let it sing.