The Best Drum Instruction in Philadelphia

Beating a Drum for Percussion Schools

From snares and cymbals to the heavy bass drum, percussion is a fun hobby for anyone who loves rhythm. If the boom, boom, boom of a drum beat makes your heart beat with joy consider getting yourself some percussion lessons. Philadelphia is known as a musical town, and it offers some of the best drum instructions you can find anywhere in the world.

From the advanced drummer who wants to polish her skills to the beginning drummer who has a stick and is ready to use it, the right class is waiting somewhere in the Philadelphia area.

One place to start is The Music Workshop with studios in Manayunk and Berwyn. Lessons in drums are offered for kids age 7 and up. Teachers are accomplished musicians with a special talent for helping kids’ realize their dreams. The Music Workshop has private lessons as well as an opportunity to play in an ensemble. This may be the perfect place for your young drummer.

If you are across the bridge in New Jersey check out The Academy of Drums and Guitar. Teachers are all professional drummers and play in local bands. The Academy of Drums and Guitar provide what they consider to be a stress-free style of instruction to all drummers from the beginning drummer to the advanced. All styles of drumming are taught, and instructors keep up with new trends and ways of playing the drums.

For the future rocker in your life, you can’t beat Philadelphia’s famous School Of Rock. This school was featured in a major documentary and was the inspiration for a big screen flick. Children who sign up for this unique program are given private lessons as well as assigned to a rock band. Bands are encouraged to play as often as possible for as many people as possible. Kids are taught popular rock songs and made to feel like starts. Your drummer will have the time of her young life at a School of Rock programs. Studios are all over the Philadelphia area, so it’s easy to find one near you.

Music is a wonderful gift you can give to a child or yourself. It builds confidence, opens up opportunities and gives joy for a lifetime. Percussion is especially meaningful to a child with a lot of extra energy or someone who needs an outlet for self-expression. Try some time on the drums, and get a bigger band out of life.


Jefferson County Guide to Drum Lessons

Where to Find Private Drum Lessons in Jefferson County, TN

Everyone wants to be the best, but how do you achieve that in an instrumental setting? The answer to this question is by taking private lessons. There are many ways to go about finding someone to give private lessons, but I am going to highlight some of the top Percussion instructors in the area. There are different things to consider when looking for a private instructor, but the most important is the level at which you currently are playing. For this reason, I will separate instructors into 3 categories.

The first category is instructors for students at a beginning level. These instructors are typically younger, but very accomplished percussionists themselves. Advanced High school students and college students as well as your very own band director are the best places to find these instructors. In Jefferson County, we are privileged to have access to the Carson Newman Music Department with their fine musicians. The percussion ensemble director is Jeff Grobski and he can be reached at 865-471-3518. My advice would be to contact him to ask for recommendations on who would be good to give lessons. You can also contact Pete Rogers at Jefferson County High School and ask if he has any students that would be good instructors.

The next category is those students that are playing at an intermediate level. This would typically include older middle schoolers and younger high schoolers. The students would definitely benefit from having an older, more experienced instructor. Some of these would include Graduate Students. Again, you could contact Jeff Grobski at Carson Newman College for names of some of these students. Another place to go would be to contact Keith Brown, a professor of Percussion at UT, at 974-5927 or Mark Douglass, professor of percussion at UT, at 974-4882. Pete Roger, the director of the JCHS band also gives percussion lessons.

The last category is reserved for students playing at an advanced level. In this case, these students would need to find upper level graduate students or Professors of percussion for their lessons. For these lessons, a student may have to actually try out to become a student of one of these people or be well known for their capabilities. In these instances, Mark Douglass, Keith Brown, or Jeff Grobski would again be the people to contact.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions about how to find private lessons in Jefferson County, TN. Just remember, music is in everyone, it just takes practice to let it sing.


Wisconsin Drum Lesson Providers

Wisconsin Drum Lesson Providers

Many kids love playing their instruments. For many it is a way for them to express their natural talents and special musical skills that they have learned over the years. For every single one of them however, they all started with their lessons.

Now below I will list some of the best areas in the Wisconsin area where drumming lessons are offered. There are many vast areas in Wisconsin, but few stand alone as top lesson providers in the Wisconsin area.

So lets start with our first musical company in Musika. Musika is a nationally known musical company that prides themselves in their specific lessons in pretty much every musical instrument. They have offices all over Wisconsin, and feature two “hot spots” in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Dells. They offer options of either coming to your house for lessons, or allowing you to attend their personal studios for lessons. They offer a few varieties of teachers, and offer a very clean cut program. They allow you to begin at whatever age you want. So you can start as a youngster, or even fulfill that dream of becoming a rock star like you did when you were a kid. Now the rock star part is not guaranteed, but they offer all hands-on lessons, with nothing but your teacher and yourself working towards your personal musical progress as a student. They also have easy sign-up plans, with no sign-up fees and offer special payment plans for families who cannot necessarily meet the required charges of the lessons. With their experience you know they are one of the best around, and make a great choice for you and your future drum lessons.

Another very quality drum lesson place in the Northern Wisconsin area would have to be SSE music in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Now they have been around for awhile now as well, and they are known as “the last three letters in La Crosse.” Now they offer a variety of unique lessons as well, and have a special drum teacher for your kids, or even you, as an adult, available for lessons at many times. They also offer the option of coming to your personal home, or even taking lessons at their store. Now they also offer a very vast musical store, where you can find many different musical instruments, different music sheets and books, as well as special tune-up areas and even practice musical equipment that you can try out. Now if you cannot meet the charges as well, they do offer a payment plan, and even allow you to rent instruments from their store, at pretty much unbeatable prices. There drums lessons will run you around $50 per month and last a half hour each lesson. Their teacher was born in Wisconsin as well, so he is pretty much home-grown talent, and he can help you on your way to becoming a successful drummer.

For our final area we head back to Milwaukee, for a very unique studio, specifically designed for a drummer, or even aspiring drummer. This place is called John Ruka’s studio. Now this may be a small company, but it is definitely top of the line when it comes to quality lessons, and quality drumming opportunities. Being a drum studio, you know they have one focus, and that is to get you to become the drummer you have always wanted to be with very timely and great teaching lessons. John has taught many onto successful drumming life styles and can help you be as great as you can strive to be. You have to be committed to take on the challenges of being a drummer. Now John’s classes may not be the best for beginners, but if you have a mind set of becoming a champion drummer, and widely known, then John is definitely the guy to count on for your drumming lessons. His lessons are pretty intense, but remain fun and have a very positive attitude at all times. He is available for private lessons at different times, but he does have a very busy schedule, so you want to sign-up before he fills up.

So there you have it, a few areas in Wisconsin that can help you carry out your drumming lessons, new or old, your always welcomed at each of these fine establishments and these high-class teachers as well. So the next time your rolling through these Wisconsin areas, and you see that drum shop, stop in and take some time to talk to them about their special musical and drumming lessons they have to offer at the time.


Fort Drum Annual Mountainfest

Fort Drum Annual Mountainfest

Fort Drum in New York will host its annual Mountainfest on June 27-28 at the Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield. But in attention to the Mountainfest it will have the largest national air show and a Welcome Home and Salute to the nation Ceremony.

Mountainfest is held yearly and helps celebrate the relationship between Fort Drum and the North Country community.

The event is free and open to the public. Events will being at 11:30a.m and gates will open at 9am

June 27th featured events include the Salute to the Nation, and Welcome Home Ceremony, but as an added bonus there is be the uncasing of the division colors, as The Division returns home. The weather for the weekend is On Saturday 73 with 70% chance of rain and Sunday Mostly Cloudy with a High of 78. So make sure you bring your umbrella, and a hat.

Morale Welfare and Recreation brings country singer Jo Dee Messina. She will perform her free concert at 6 p.m. No one will want to miss the huge fireworks show that starts at 9:30 p.m.

The air show will features numerous vintage military aircraft, ones you would not want to miss.

The Memphis Belle, replica B-17 that flue in 1990 Hollywood Movie,

The Trojan Horseman, only Six-ship T 28 team in the world.

The Lima Lima Flight Team original six aircraft Civilian formation aerobatic team.

The Aerostarts aerobatic Demo team who perform in the Yak 52 TW.

Along with the US Army 82nd Air Born All-American Parachute team. And many many more!


Drum Lessons in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Drum Lessons in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Here are some great places to learn drums in the D.C. Metro Area.

First of all Hot Licks Guitar Shop, located on 3250 Old Washington Rd., Waldorf MD, offers personalized instruction from a variety of instructors.

George Jones has taught at Hot Licks for twelve years. Also he has vast experience playing with a large amount of bands in the metro area. His technique of playing is poly-rhythmic and pocket hitting. It is very soulful. George has played in many bands that perform many genres of music, ranging from Ethiopian to R and B. George stresses in his lessons good technique, which means good basic techniques such as stick control. George attended Howard University and majored in music education.

K.J. has 25 years of experience playing drums. He started playing drums at 6. In his high school years, he performed in symphonic, marching and jazz bands. K.J. possesses a B.S. degree from St. Mary’s College. He is also an accomplished musician having recorded music from a variety of settings. He also has learned to play guitar which allows him to accompany his students. Also K.J. reads music which encompasses Rock, Latin, Funk, Jazz and Metal. K.J. also likes students to bring songs from other sources such as school.

Also Matt Strain, who loves the drums, and started playing in 1988, He is good at rock drumming, having listened to John Bonham (Led Zepplin), And Alex Van Halen (Van Halen). He is also an instructor at Hot Licks guitar shop.

The phone number at Hot Licks is (301) 843-2799.

Let’s not forget Musika, located in Charles MD. A select faculty provides individual attention to each student. Custom lesson plans are provided. Drum lessons are offered at the student’s home as well as in the teacher’s studio.

Last but not least, Bach to Rock-Americas Music School, is located in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Landsdown Virginia, Mclean, Virginia and South Riding Virginia. The school’s motto is that learning to play music should be fun. They believe that children will learn quickly playing music that they know. B2R schools focus on teamwork and self esteem by providing private lessons, group instruction and public performances. Their phone number is 1-888-655-4481.

So try one of these Music Schools, to learn the drums. You will be glad you did.


Drum Lessons in Louisville, Kentucky

Drum Lessons in Louisville, Kentucky

Drum roll, please! Are you thinking about taking drum lessons? If so there are many places in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area which offer drum lessons. Take a look at three of them!

Name: Mom’s Music

Location: 1710 East 10th Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

Phone Number/Website/Email: (812) 283-3304

Ages: Most ages (depends on maturity/readiness of younger children)

Lessons: Private

Tuition/Cost: $90 for four ½ hr lessons (held weekly)

Special Notes: Mom’s Music is a well-known local music shop which has been in business for over 20 years. They offer an 8 week “rock-star” program in which kids from 8 to 18 are placed in bands based on age and skill. This program is offered 5 times a year. They meet weekly for an hour and a half over the 8 week course. Please note that this Rock School program is not a substitute for individual lessons!

Name: University of Louisville School of Music, Community Music Program (CMP)

Location: University of Louisville

Phone Number/Website: (502) 852-5850

Ages: All

Lessons: Private Lessons

Tuition/Cost: Weekly lessons for 16 weeks. Traditional 16 week semester cost: 30 minutes $464 and 60 minutes $928. There is a $20 Registration Fee at the beginning of a 16 week session.

Special Notes: The University of Louisville School of Music Community Music Program is for all ages and part of their goal is to provide the highest quality teaching and be a primary source for non-collegiate music education for the people of Kentuckiana.

Name: Louisville School of Rock

Location: 2303 Watterson Trail, Louisville, Kentucky 40299 (Jeffersontown area)

Phone Number/Website: (502) 266-5552

Ages: All

Lessons: Private and Group (groups of 2 to 3 can also take advantage of private lessons which usually involve a parent/child, 2 friends, or a family learning the same instrument at the same time).

Tuition/Cost: 30 and 60 minute lessons. Monthly lessons: Novice/Beginner Level, 30 minutes $80, 60 Minutes 160; Intermediate Level, 30 minutes $100, 60 minutes $200, Master Level, 30 minutes $140, Hour $280. There is an enrollment/registration fee of $25 per student or $35 per family.

Special Notes: Lessons are held in private rehearsal rooms that contain the latest technology (amps, keyboards, mics, computers). You can also have a progress report every 6 weeks. Private concerts are available for those who want to play for a group. Students are allowed to set their own goals.

If you are at the intermediate or masters level you must audition or be recommended by your former instructor.